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MNA Styles Leather Belts for Men (Brown)

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MNA Styles Leather Belts for Men, Men’s Leather Dress Belt With Automatic Sliding Buckle Micro Adjustable, Ratchet Belts Men (Brown)

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Buckle Material: ALLOY

Belts Material: Leather

Buckle Width: 1.45 in / 3.68 cm

Belt Width: 1.25 in / 3.175 cm

Length (Belt  + Buckle): 54.37 (51+3.37) in /  138.11 (129.54 + 8.57) cm

Gender: Male

Adjustable range: Unlimited

Style: Fashion, Casual, Business, Dress, Gift

Color: Brown

  1. Ratchet system ensures you won‘t have your leather split from hundreds of donning and doffing of the belt and the bending of the strap that comes with a conventional belt with holes.
  2. Being able to adjust these belts in very small increments makes all the difference in the world.
  3. Easy to Use, Just slide the Leather belt into the buckle and pull the belt through, the buckle simply automatic locks. To release the belt, gently push the lever on the side and snap.
  4. Enjoy 1/4 inch micro adjustment whether you are standing, sitting, or bending over, especially after a big Meal.

Trim this belt if it is longer than your size
If what you get is a little longer than your size, you can shorten this belt easily with the following instruction.

  1. Open the buckle from backside to take the strap apart from the buckle. Trim the strap with a scissor at the buckle side. Reassemble the strap and buckle. See the attached instruction inside the package.

Easy to Use
No more holes! In the back of belt, there are 31 ratchet notches, it provides a micro size-adjustment of 1/4in, which can follow the variation of your waist precisely.

Just slide in belt and it gets auto-locked. Gently push the lever on the side of the buckle, the lock will be loosened.

Our belts can fit for everyone. Trim to fit any size! Custom your belt in seconds!

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm
Age Group









54.37 (51+3.37) in / 138.11 (129.54 + 8.57) cm


Alloy, Full Grain Leather



Package Quantity



One Size Fits All




1.45 in / 3.68 cm


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